Jen Bowles - Fine Art  
Mixed Media Artist

The Artist
 Jen Bowles' intricate abstract paintings combine tone, directionality and color together to form meditative, stately works. Bowles drops and threads her paint like Pollock, but her end product is something completely different: unified, intimately cropped, and thoughtful rather than active. She doesn't work in bold juxtapositios, but careful gradients. The work often explores the nuances of one color at a time, and while her brushstrokes are defined and assertive, they work in tandem with every other dash in the work instead of fighting for attention. Bowles' work is  constantly in the pursuit of balance, something that is visible in the shifting pulses of light and dark, positive and negative space. Mathmathic planes slip over and under the organic curves.. The artist also pits texture and reflectivity against each other with her preferred medium of acrylic and mixed media. 

Jen Bowles is a classically trained vocalist and draws inspriration from the metters of music, as well as modern architecture and color theory.  Born and raised in California she now lives and works in Houston, Texas.
Agora Gallery, 2013